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Movie Director -Umesh Shukla

Genre -Drama

Between the numerous piss stops necessitated by the senior Bhallas problematic bladder and the meal breaks at dhabas on the highway, the two groups keep switching vehicles as the cat and mouse game turns increasingly bizarre.

Inders dementia-afflicted mom Pammi (Supriya Pathak) adds to the confusion by starying away from the family with a mobile phone strung around her neck.

The climax of All Is Well, which centres on its Bangkok-returned singer-hero mending fences with his long estranged dad and his cruelly cold-shouldered girlfriend, is both overly contrived and cringingly preachy.

The fracas is aggravated by a posse of cops led by Inspector Atwal (Jameel Khan); Nimmis large family that has gathered for the imminent wedding (another ready pretext for a dance number); and the equally huge brood at the home of Inders maternal uncle, who holds the key to his mothers jewels.

All Is Well is obviously built on the myth of Shravan Kumar, celebrated for his devotion to his parents, ends with two weddings, one planned out to the last detail, the other accidental but facilely opportune.

For audiences that are disposed towards accepting the kind of climactic twists that All Is Well fabricates - the most ridiculous of which is saved for the very last - the film might pass muster as a one-time watch.

For everyone else, it would be too much to digest even at a generous stretch.

Be that as it may, All Is Well is, well, anything but a completely squandered effort.

Director Umesh Shukla switches frequently from breezy slapstick comedy to intense family drama and does so relatively smoothly until about the last quarter of the two-hour film.

The rest of the film, the more sluggish stretches included, is passably watchable.

One particular dhaba interregnum gobbles up more footage than the others because it witnesses an item number featuring Sonakshi Sinha in which Inder joins in gleefully.

The protagonist of All Is Well is the perennially grouchy Inder Bhalla, a Himachal Pradesh bakers son who has had a choppy childhood and trusts nobody and nothing in this world.

On the same flight is Gurdaspur lass Nimmi (Asin), who is madly in love with the commitment-phobic Inder but is headed back home to get hitched to another man.

The young man has lived in Thailand for a decade now to pursue a career in the music industry but has yet to find his big break.

Inder flies back to his hometown Kasol at the behest of Cheema (Zeeshan Mohammad Ayyub), a bumbling thug, to sort out a tangle related to the failed bakery run by his father, Bhajanlal Bhalla (Rishi Kapoor).

FilmCast -Rishi Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Supriya Pathak, Asin
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